Best Body Wash For Baby

When choosing bath products for yourself, you usually know what you prefer. You know what products work for you, what smells you enjoy, and what irritates your skin! When it comes to choosing products for your baby, you need to be a bit more choosy. Babies have sensitive skin – you don’t want to expose them to something that could give them an allergic reaction, or aggravate diaper rash. What should you choose? Should you opt for the product, who’s commercial features the happiest baby with the biggest smile? Or should you just grab whatever is cheapest?

Go Natural

Many new parents opt for more natural products for their baby – you don’t know what may irritate your childs skin. It’s great once you find an organic body wash formula that has been created specifically to use on a baby. Arbonne’s ABC line of bath products are formulated with natural herbs and botanicals. Free of chemicals and parabens, your child can use this body wash from infancy, until they are in double digits.

Stay Sensitive

Aveeno Baby is also a great body wash that has a babies delicate skin in mind. It smells great, does not contain eye-watering soap, and is actually formulated from natural oat extracts. Rather than have an intensely perfumed scent, it smells light and clean. This can be picked up at your local drugstore, so it’s readily available to replace if you run out while on vacation, or away from home.

Get Organic


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If you have decided to shop organic for your baby, consider using The Honest Co. brand of body wash. The gentle formula is great for your baby, and can help soothe sensitive skin or eczema, while hydrating your babies skin. It’s light scent smells great, and of course, it’s tear-free. Organic, vegan, and ph balanced, your whole family can benefit from using this product!

When shopping for your baby, harsh chemicals in the ingredients list should always be taken into consideration. Since your babies skin hasn’t been exposed to very much, it’s so easy for them to develop rashes from the simplest change in their routine. Take recommendations from other moms – if their child has had a bad experience from a certain body wash, take it into consideration when you are searching for the ideal product for your baby. Although many products geared towards your baby can be extremely expensive, and overpriced for the quantity you receive, if your child does have extremely sensitive skin, it’s worth it to spend the extra cash. Pay attention to your child’s skin when introducing them to new creams, lotions, or body washes (same goes for new diapers, or fabrics). They can’t tell you they are uncomfortable – you should stop using a product at the first sign of redness, inflammation or a rash.