Best Shampoo for Dry Damaged Hair (Without Drowning Your Wallet)

The Story behind Your Strands

Every woman, from their first haircut to their first grey, has a love hate relationship with their hair. It’s an expression of you, a resume to the world that you have, like a fine suit, tailored to fit the woman you want to present to society. However, from the dry heat of a straightening rod, the less-than wholesome chemicals in dye and the fiery humidity of rollers, it’s an expression dearly paid for.


Dry and damaged hair is almost an inevitable for the hair-istas of the world. Time and torture catches up and the once luscious locks start to split and fray. But, fret not curling iron wielders of the world, this is an age old problem with a simple solution – a little pampering shampoo.

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The Cure for What Ails Hair

Dry and damaged hair is quite common in women, generally caused by the scalp’s inability to make or retain enough moisture. This is a condition added to by frequent styling or heat exposure. To fight this, many hair supply manufactures have begun making shampoos specifically to help with this issue. So many, in fact, that it has become difficult to tell which ones are actually fighting moisture loss and which ones are just adding to the problem with over washing.

Wonder no longer, there are in fact several brands that uphold their promise to revitalize dry hair.

#5 L’occitane’s Aromachologie

L’occitane’s Aromachologie repairing shampoo has become popular among women due to its unique floral scent (think sweet orange and lavender) and its accommodating online presence. The company boasts an 89 percent success rate (in a consumer test of 38 women) when it comes to revitalized hair over a four week span.  However, L’occitane’s price tag may carry a less than appealing scent – $33 for a 17 ounce bottle.

#4 Fakkai’s Glossing Collection

Another industry favorite is the Glossing Collection from Fakkai, Designed for exceptionally damaged hair, Fakkai’s products are intended for a slightly longer usage span. And while not usually something you can grab at your local drugstore, Fakkai certainly leaves a trail of happy consumers. Even more, Fakkai sells the Glossing Collection in an easy bundle: shampoo, conditioner and a glossing cream for brittle scalps and ends, for $55 on its website.

#3 Oscar’ Blandi’s Pronto

For ladies who prefer a dry shampoo from time to time (a great choice if your dryness comes from over-washing) Oscar Blandi has created the Pronto shampoo ($21), a shampoo set that contains tea tree oil and natural rice starches to repair those dry locks.

#4 J.F. Lazartigue’s Color Fast

A good pair with this, is J. F. Lazartigue Shampoo ($31) because of its ability to moisturize while preserve and lengthen the holding of color treated hair.  Combining these two will not only protect dyed hair but also cut back on the amount of washings in a week, allowing hair to retain moisture better and keep that just-colored look twice as long.

#1 Matrix Biolage

However, Biolage by Matrix ($15) takes the title as best shampoo for dry and damaged hair. Biolage carries the moisturizing and revitalizing punch of other professional hair care brands at half the price and twice the convenience. While you may never find any of the previously listed shampoo lines sitting on the shelf of your local pharmacy, you will probably find Biolage. Infused with aloe vera to relax and moisten even the most stressed hair, Biolage is a sure win.

So for all you color-treaters, hot-rollers hitters and flat-iron-lovers, stress not! You do not have to sacrifice your style for your hair’s sanity. Just remember a squirt of heat protectant and to always rinse and repeat wisely.