Choose the Best Hair Products for Men

We have come a long way from the mullets, flat-tops, high-tops, mohawks, fades, the “wet look”, and big hair days of the 80’s. Back then, it seemed like just about anything you did with your hair passed as a new style. The 90’s brought the long on top, short on the sides and the back, floppy style, or bleached chunks with a big, hairsprayed wave in the front, the ultra-short Caesar style, and the 70’s thick sideburns also came back around in the 90’s. Each decade brought along new hair men’s hair styles that came and went, all of which required the best hair products for men, like mousse, gel and hairspray, to keep the styles perfectly in their places.

Can you imagine trying to pull off the huge, bleached frontal wave that Vanilla Ice wore without any products? Especially without any hairspray? We hate to use this example, because we are still left to wonder if this strange rendition of the woman’s beehive of the 60’s should have even been considered a hair style, but you get the point.

Why Your Hair Style Matters

Even worse, though, is if you are wearing the same hair style you were sporting back in the 90’s, or better yet, the 80’s. Here’s some news for you: the mullet, the high-top, the “big hair” is out. It went out when the first number of the year started with a 2. We don’t blame you for being stuck in the 80’s or 90’s, because those were some of the coolest years ever. Continue to play the jams from those years, which we are sad to admit are now called “oldies”, but you must get rid of the hair style and get with the times!

Your hair style matters, because that is usually one of the first things that people notice about you. Think about it…what do you notice first about other people? Everyone seems to notice Donald Trump’s comb-over, which is definitely a hair no-no! Your hair style matters because it defines your “coolness”. It is part of who you are and how you are perceived.

As a matter of fact, the market research firm Kelton (which conducts research for Axe Hair, a Unilever brand product), reports that 3 out of 4 women of college age say that they look at hair before any other part of a man – and hair happens to be a determining factor in whether they will accept a date requisition. You want to look suave, sharper, sleeker, cleaner, and stylish. Right? So, let’s update that hair style so you look like you are part of the current decade…and not left behind. Your hair could be the reason you are not getting a “yes” when you ask women out. Did you ever think of that?

Choosing the Right Hair Products

Okay, now that you have made the decision to update your style, it’s time to update the products that you are using. If you are still using the same hair products that you were using back in the 80’s and 90’s, then you are missing out on improved products that have been reformulated from the products of yesteryear or brand new products that are made with amazing new ingredients, proven to enhance hair growth and regenerate the roots and hair shafts. So what are the best hair products for men?

Shampoo – Every man needs an excellent shampoo to make hair soft and touchable. Pick a shampoo that will restore and protect your hair, like Molton Brown Volumising Thekku Hairwash ($28). Head & Shoulders Hair Endurance for Men ($8) will eradicate any flakiness in your hair and condition your scalp as it washes your hair. No one wants flakes when they are approaching a woman!

Choose the right shampoo for:

Conditioner – If you want soft, shiny hair that makes women want to touch it, try Bumble & Bumble Quenching Conditioner ($30). Just a tiny bit will replenish any moisture that may have been lost when you shampooed your hair.

Pomade – Some of you might have a big question mark on this one. Excellent pomade products, like Grooming Lounge Some Hair Pomade ($18) keeps your hair style in place, a water-based formula that provides your hair with a light to medium hold.

Styling Cream – Add thickness and shine to your hair without giving it that over-wetted look or flakiness, American Crew Firm Hold ($22), does all of the above with a low-pH formula that is excellent for your hair.