What is the Best Shampoo for Hair Growth?

When you put products in your hair, you want to know that there are no drying ingredients and chemicals that could be damaging to your hair. While they make the shampoo smell amazing, you also want to ensure that your shampoo does not contain harsh fragrances that will damage your hair and stunt the growth. If you are looking for the best shampoo for hair growth, we have found the best recommendations on the market today:

Hair Growth Tips

Before we start talking about the best shampoo for hair growth, there are a few things you should know about hair growth. First of all, keeping your hair trimmed every six weeks should maintain the roots and keep your hair healthy naturally. Second of all, the main factor that determined which shampoos we chose as the best shampoo for hair growth was the ingredients. Third of all, you can use all of the natural ingredients that you can possibly apply to your hair, but if you are using heat on it with a blow-dryer or curling iron, you are working against the products that you are spending your money on.

Natural Ingredients For Hair Growth

Important ingredients for hair growth include: amino acids, biotin, pyrithione zinc, saw palmetto, ginseng, ginkgo biloba, licorice, rosemary, stinging nettle, horsetail, and burdock. In addition to using the best shampoo for hair growth, you can also take supplements that contain these ingredients, as most of them come in vitamin supplement form. There are many different hair products on the market that contain natural ingredients, like the ones listed above, but don’t forget other natural ingredients, like essential oils, that can help hair growth, too. For example, basil, rosemary, and peppermint are known to promote healthy hair growth.

Naturally, the Best Shampoo for Hair Growth Is…

313CNBOStDLWe have chosen three products for our best shampoo for hair growth list, and here they are: Rosemary Mint Shampoo by Aveda. Remember, we just told you that rosemary and peppermint promote hair growth? Bingo! Nutracare’s Nettle Hair Loss Shampoo is made from the extract of the Stinging Nettle Plant, which is an herbal plant that flowers that is found in South and North America – you didn’t believe us when you read that above, did you? Our final choice for best shampoo for hair growth is the Faith in Nature Ginkgo Biloba Shampoo, yet another best shampoo for hair growth with one of the natural ingredients that we listed above as being excellent for hair growth.